PT. Masari Dwisepakat Fiber is a division of the MUKTI GROUP, a successful company with core businesses in the forestry field.
PT. Masari Dwisepakat Fiber was established in 1993 and began its production for MDF boards in 1995. It is a company built on the expertise and professional knowledge of the woodworking industry of Mukti Group personnel. With international scope of business and dealings with many other Asean and Middle East countries, PT. Masari Dwisepakat Fiber strives to be make a global presence in the lucrative wood processing industry.

PT. Masari Dwisepakat Fiber specializes in manufacturing “Medium Density Fiberboard” (MDF). MDF is one of the four main categories of wood based panels-laminated boards, particle boards, fiber boards and oriental strand boards.

Currently, PT. Masari Dwisepakat Fiber manufacturing plant is located in Karawang on approximately 200.000 m2 land, around 1.5 hour drive from the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. It is capable of producing 7,000 m3 per month or approximately 84,000 m3 per annum of high quality thin panel Medium Density Fiberboard with the utilization of Mande - press machine installed in the mills. The product of PT. Masari Dwisepakat Fiber has been known internationally and domestically by the name of MASARI BOARD.